Founded in 2001, DataTrack Resources has now successfully completed over 500 forensic computer

investigations and data recovery projects. These assignments have ranged in scope from simple divorce

cases to complex litigation cases  tried in federal courts in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York.  


These matters included the investigations of:

DataTrack has provided its services to law firms all over the United States, as well as to

individuals, Fortune 500 companies and the United States government. We maintain the 

names of of our clients in the strictest confidence. References always available.


Additionally, we have worked with attorneys on the new legislation dealing with e-discovery issues 

and document production. Also, DataTrack Resources, LLC is a licensed private investigative agency,

providing those services through a network of qualified, experienced experts. These services include 

digital surveillance, interviewing witnesses and subjects, forensic accounting, polygraph examinations, 

and many more. 









On the data recovery side, we have helped professional and amateur photographers recover their

images from defective memory cards. We have helped businesses recover valuable data from hard

drives that would not boot; authors who have lost their manuscripts and papers; students who have lost

their songs and, oh yes, school work and countless cases where information had been intentionally

or unintentionally deleted from the computer. For recovery work, we guarantee the result. If we

cannot recover your data, there is no charge regardless of the number of hours we spend on the 

project. If you would like to see a description of our recovery services and a comparison of those 

services to the typical Big Box store, please click here.


Just a note to you employers out there . . . A recent article in the Hartford Courant estimates that

U. S. employers are losing between $15 and $40 Billion annually due to employee fraud and theft

issues. If you think that you are having a problem with an employee or former employee who may

have taken company data, the first thing to do is to call us for a free consultation. We have handled

literally hundreds of these situations and know exactly what to do, and more importantly, what not

to do, when they occur. Your first instinct will be to have someone (other than a forensic specialist)

make a copy of the suspect's hard drive. Don't do it! Valuable data will be destroyed, making winning

a possible future case more difficult.




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If you get a message on your screen that reads "Can't Locate Operating System", "Drive Failure", "Missing

Boot record" or what is commonly called BSOD, the blue screen of death, or many other error messages, your

computer vendor or help source will probably recommend that you replace your hard drive. They may even send

you a new one free and ask for the old one back if it is still under the warrantee. They will tell you that you will

have to install a new operating system. The problem is this process will cause you to lose all of the valuable files

that are on the old drive. This doesn't have to be the case. Even if the drive will not boot up, chances are we will

be able to save the data contained on it. We can recover your songs, pictures and documents to a CD, DVD or

external drive, usually within 24 hours. Then when you do replace the hard drive and operating system, your old

files will be there for you to load. Of course you have choices as to what company you use for this recovery. The

following is a comparison of what we offer compared to our typical "big box" electronic retailer.  


Over the years we have seen some people unhappy with the Big Box stores' ability to recover important data

from defective hard drives. The fact is that individual stores are not equipped with the software and training required

for this important mission. On their web site, they say they will do an evaluation locally to see if the

files are recoverable and then send the hard drive to Kentucky to actually do the recovery. We have the

equipment and software right here in Glastonbury and boast a 95% success rate and we back that up with

a guarantee that if we cannot recover your files, then there is no charge no matter how long we spend

on your project. The following chart compares our service to their's.


                     Big Box                DataTrack
Initial Assessment Charge                       $59                  NONE
Starting Price for Recovery Services                      $259                   $0
Does Recovery Locally                      NO                  YES
Average Turnaround Time             They keep you posted                24 Hours
Number of complaints online         See website blog - many                 NONE
Recovery guarantee                     NO                  YES

Disclaimer: All information contained was copied directly from the company website.

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